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Join us for thoughtful and timely articles about emerging trends, innovative solutions, and challenging ideas in senior living. We hope you’ll make a point of reading these articles by our President, Bradley Pruitt as he writes about things he finds of value and meaningful.

Biomechanics & Robotics Tackle Aging

retro toy robot fallen on its side on a highwayBrad Pruitt takes a look at what’s happening in the field of biomechanics and robotics. These two fields are looking at exciting ways to help people as they age. Research for a DARPA project has moved into the production phase. Let’s face it, science fiction is science fact!




The Nursing Home Volunteer Feel-good Season

nursing home volunteers and residents sing carols togetherIt’s that time of year when senior living communities see an increase in the number of visits and activities offered by volunteers. It’s what Brad Pruitt calls the “feel-good season” as everyone makes an effort to connect with those who might not enjoy everything that we do. But have you considered the impact of these feel-good visits?




Wi-Fi Expectations for Senior Living

grandmother reads book as little girls uses wifi on a smartphoneThere are 4 critical reasons why your senior living community needs robust and secure Wi-Fi access. If you’re thinking about building a new community or upgrading an existing one, you need to read this article before you do anything else.




Elder Orphans and Senior Living Communities

older woman thinks about being an elder orphan as she looks out a windowThe term “elder orphan” is gaining traction and it’s not just because it’s clever. As more and more seniors face the consequences of living solo, senior living communities need to be thinking pro-actively about how to integrate elder orphans into their community.




Innovative Senior Living Design

a yoga instructor leads a group of seniors in a room designed for seniorsIf you’re building new options for senior living, we urge you to consider several key factors that make a big difference in the quality of life for the residents. Of course, we think our own product is one of them, but we also recommend two other elements we think should be present, and one of them just might surprise you.




Designing for Boomers: Smart Technology that Works

senior couple on the couch are taking her blood pressure using a smart cuffAll design choices won’t work for everyone. But smart designers are paying attention to the needs of our aging seniors. Check out the solutions we think are best for seniors.




Invisibility: Why Aging Women Lose Their Voice and Influence

an invisible woman is painted with black & white stripes against a black & white stripe background to makeToo many women feel they become invisible to society once they celebrate their 40th or 50th birthday. Our culture today focuses on the young and beautiful while ignoring aging women. It’s time to shift this ingrained habit by finding ways to acknowledge the value older women add to our culture and society.




Transforming Medication Management Through Technology

A senior, with no medication management, holds a double handful of pills,Did you know 36 percent of seniors take 5 or more medications every day? Managing their medications is an ever-growing issue for many seniors. But technology offers very real and useful solutions to ensure our seniors follow their doctor’s orders and take their pills on time, every day as prescribed.




Baby Boomers on Trend: Redefining Aging

male and female baby boomers are redefining aging by taking a selfie with an iPhoneBaby Boomers have broken more rules than most, and aging is just another standard that is being reshaped by this irrepressible generation. Brad takes a look at the ways in which seniors are rewriting expectations.




Understanding the Signs of Depression and Melancholy

a senior woman weeps as she deals with having depressionThe signs of depression and melancholy are key indicators with serious health implications for seniors. Do you know the difference? Do you know what to look for in your residents to ensure no one lacks the right kind of support? More importantly, does your staff?




Technology Puts the Right Foot Forward in Fall Prevention

elderly woman has fallen and is being helped up suggesting there fall prevention technology to alert staffFalls a serious health event for seniors, and technology for fall prevention is making a difference. Brad Pruitt take a look at several approaches to help prevent falls and to gather data on what a fall might mean.




Why Smart Companies Are Hiring Gerontologists

a senior man holds a credit card and works on a laptop for the gerentologists articleBeing a gerontologist meant working in the field of healthcare in the past. But forward-looking companies are hiring gerontologists to help them produce products and services attuned to the needs of seniors.




Healthcare Analytics Transforms Data into Active Caregiving

Nurse in scrubs uses healthcare analytics as visualized by a body hologram appearing out of an iPadBusiness is discovering the power of big data and analytics. The time has come for senior communities to discover how healthcare analytics can go from just more data to active caregiving that improves everyone’s lives.




Empower Employees to Create a Culture of Innovation

young girl in blue t-shirt wears a red mask and cape as a symbol of employee empowerment within a culture of innovationIf you’re dreading introducing new technology, Brad Pruitt offers four ways to transform your culture into one that embraces innovation. It won’t happen overnight, but by focusing on key employees and providing the right kind of help and transparency, your team can seamlessly transition into a more innovative environment.




Telemedicine: The Advantage for Resident Communities

Older woman consults her doctor via a tablet; this is one of the benefits of telemedicine Have you considered the advantages of telemedicine for your senior living communities? The ability for residents to connect with their regular doctor or a specialist from the comfort of their home means more timely care and less stress for caregivers. We think this should definitely be something you’re thinking about.




Weighing the Costs of Family Caregiving

Mom with 3 young kids and her elderly mother reveal the unseen costs of family caregiving; the time they spend walking in the woods costs the family lost labor time.Caring for a loved one as they age is a difficult decision to make as our loved ones age. All too often, the full cost of family caregiving isn’t identified until someone is burnt out. Read about the latest study and its findings on the obvious and hidden costs of family caregiving.




Technology is Revolutionizing Memory Care

Senior couple and community nurse in their living roomMemory care isn’t new, but advancements in technology can help caregivers find new and better ways to keep loved ones safe and provide a better quality of life. Find out which innovations our president, Brad Pruitt, thinks are making a real difference in people’s lives.




New Technology Makes Aging in Place Easier

Older man wearing earbuds checks his wearable fitness tracker after joggingJust back from the 2018 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo, Bradley Pruitt shares his thoughts on the technology that’s making it easier for seniors to stay in their homes. Are you thinking in these terms for your loved ones?




Smart Technology for Seniors Enhances Resident Care

Doctor and nurse check online patient data on a computerindē Know, Better offers cutting-edge technology to enhance resident care. Want to stay ahead of the competition? You’ll want to learn more about how this and other programs are making a real difference in people’s lives.




Words Matter: Age Affirming Language

Black and white older couples enjoy a meal outdoors.We all know words have power. Brad Pruitt offers his take on which three words we should be using when speaking to or about people over the age of 60. Why? Because aging with dignity means we need to use positive and affirmative language instead of stereotypes and worn out phrases.